Building Ordinance


ARTICLE 14. Signs

The following provisions shall govern the use of signs in the Town of Weld:

  • 14.1 – Signs and billboards relating to goods and services sold on the premises shall be permitted, provided such signs shall not exceed fifteen (15) square feet in area. Billboards and signs relating to goods and services not rendered on the premises, with the exception of directional signs, shall be prohibited.
  • 14.2 – Residential users may display a single sign not over six (6) square feet in area relating to the sale, rental or lease of the premises.
  • 14.3 – Signs relating to trespassing and hunting shall be permitted without restriction as to number provided that no such sign shall exceed two (2) square feet in area.
  • 14.4 – No sign shall extend higher than twenty (20) feet above the ground.
  • 14.5 – Signs may be illuminated only by shielded, non-flashing lights.