Building Ordinance


ARTICLE 8. Definitions

As used in this ordinance

  • 8.1 – Building shall mean any structure having a roof or partial roof supported by columns or walls used or intended to be used for shelter or enclosure of persons, animals, or objects, regardless of the materials of which it is constructed.
  • 8.2 – Structure shall mean anything constructed or erected with a fixed location on or in the ground, or attached to something having a fixed location on or in the ground, including but not limited to buildings, trailers, and mobile homes.
  • 8.3 – Aggrieved Party 
    The Municipal Officers acting in the name of the Town, a person whose land is directly or indirectly affected by the grant or denial of a permit or variance under this ordinance, a person whose land abuts land for which a permit or variance has been granted, or a group of five or more citizens of the municipality who represent an interest adverse to the grant or denial of such permit or variance.
  • 8.4 – Lighting 
    Permits will be required for any outside lighting where the lighting will illuminate the property of abutting landowners.