Shoreland Zoning Ordinance


Section 13. Establishment of Districts

Note: See Section 14, Table 1 and Shoreland Districts of Weld for specific written descriptions of boundaries and restrictions.

A. Resource Protection District

The Resource Protection District includes areas in which development would adversely affect water quality, productive habitat, biological ecosystems, or scenic and natural values. This district shall include the following areas when they occur within the limits of the shoreland zone.

  1. Areas within 250 feet, horizontal distance, of the upland edge of freshwater wetlands, and wetlands associated with great ponds, which are rated “moderate” or “high” value waterfowl and wading bird habitat, including nesting and feeding areas, by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIF & W) that are depicted on a Geographic Information System (GIS) data layer maintained by either MDIF&W or the Department as of May 30, 2013. For the purposes of this paragraph “wetlands associated with great ponds” shall mean areas characterized by non-forested wetland vegetation and hydric soils that are contiguous with a great pond, and have a surface elevation at or below the water level of the great pond during the period of normal high water. “Wetlands associated with great ponds” are considered to be part of that great pond.
  2. Areas of two or more acres with sustained slopes of 20% or greater.
  3. Areas of two (2) or more contiguous acres supporting wetland vegetation and hydric soils, which are not part of a freshwater wetland as defined, and which are not surficially connected to a water body during the period of normal high water.
  4. Other significant wildlife habitat
  5. Natural sites of significant scenic or aesthetic value.
  6. Areas designated by federal, state or municipal government as natural areas of significance to be protected from development.
  7. Other significant areas which should be included in this district to fulfill the purposes of this Ordinance.

B. Limited Residential District

The limited Residential District includes those areas suitable for residential and recreational development. It includes areas other than those in the Resource Protection District, or Stream Protection District and areas which are used less intensively than those in the General Development District.

C. Stream Protection District

The Stream Protection District includes all land areas within one hundred (100) feet, horizontal distance, of the normal high-water line of a stream, exclusive of those areas within two-hundred and fifty (250) feet, horizontal distance, of the normal high-water line of a great pond or within two-hundred and fifty (250) feet, horizontal distance, of the upland edge of a freshwater wetland. Where a stream and its associated shoreland area is located within two-hundred fifty (250) feet, horizontal distance of the above water bodies or wetlands, that land area shall be regulated under the terms of the shoreland district associated with that water body or wetland. See Section 14, Table 1. and Shoreland Districts in Weld.

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Amended March 2017