Shoreland Zoning Ordinance


14. Table of Land UsesDistricts

All land use activities, as indicated in Table 1, Land Uses in the Shoreland Zone, shall conform to all of the applicable land use standards in Section 15. The district designation for a particular site shall be determined from the Official Shoreland Zoning Map.

Key to Table 1:

Yes – Allowed (no permit required but the use must comply with all applicable land use standards.)
No – Prohibited
PB – Allowed with permit issued by the Planning Board
CEO – Allowed with permit issued by the Code Enforcement Officer
LPI – Allowed with permit issued by the Local Plumbing Inspector

  • Abbreviations:
    1. RP – Resource Protection
    2. LR – Limited Residential
    3. SP – Stream Protection

NOTE: A person performing any of the following activities shall require a permit from the Department of Environmental Protection, pursuant to Title 38 M.R.S.A., Section 48-c, if the activity occurs in, on, over or adjacent to any freshwater wetland, great pond, stream or brook and operates in such a manner that material or soil may be washed into them:

  • A. Dredging, bulldozing, removing or displacing soil, sand, vegetation or other materials;
  • B. Draining or otherwise dewatering;
  • C. Filling, including adding sand or other material to a sand dune;
  • D. Any construction or alteration of any permanent structure.

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Amended March 2017