Shoreland Zoning Ordinance


SECTION 4. Effective Date of Ordinance and Ordinance Amendments

This Ordinance, which was adopted by the municipal legislative body on March 6, 1993, and amended on March 4, 2017
The Commissioner for approval must be certified by the attested signature of the chairperson of the Weld Planning Board and the Weld Municipal Clerk. If the Commissioner fails to act on this Ordinance within 45 days of its receipt of the Ordinance or Ordinance Amendment, it shall be deemed approved.

Any application for a permit submitted to the municipality within the forty-five (45) day period shall be governed by the terms of this Ordinance or Ordinance Amendment if the Ordinance or Ordinance Amendment is approved by the Commissioner.

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Amended March 2017