Procedure for Obtaining Building Permits

The planning board will meet the 2 nd Wednesday at 6:00 PM, permits
MUST be received by the Tuesday 1 week before the meeting.

Please read the application very carefully and complete all of the
questions, as incomplete applications will be tabled.

( Download – Building Permit Application )

If you have any questions regarding plumbing, Building, or Shoreland
zoning regulations, please contact one of the following:

Code Enforcement OfficerKatharine Shoaps (585-2348)
Cell or 578-2777 or by e-mail:
Office Hours: By appointment only
Plumbing InspectorDavid Errington (562-8081)
Planning Board Members:Naomi Doughty (Chairman)
Nancy Stowell
Tom Wheeler
Ernestine Hutchinson
Bernard Rackliffe